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With the support of the Netherland Embassy in Kigali through the Greater Virunga Transboundary Executive Secretariat in the partnership with The Rwanda Development Board /Tourism & Conservation Department (RDB) together with Musanze District identified the need to set up a community commercial Centre around Volcano National Park (VNP) in Kinigi to stimulate community involvement in the tourism products development and marketing. This idea was developed through a process of consultations and discussions with local communities and other stakeholders as recognition of the increased importance of tourism oriented community enterprises to the social and economic development of communities in tourism destinations.  This centre is being constructed with funds from the Netherland Embassy through the Greater Virunga Trans-boundary Collaboration Secretariat.

In order to ensure that the centre is managed in an economically viable and sustainable way, it is proposed that its management follows a business model. To achieve this, Greater Virunga Transboundary Collaboration Secretariat has agreed to support the development of a business plan for this centre.


The purpose of this assignment is to facilitate the development of a business plan for the community enterprise centre that meets the needs of communities around VNP and other stakeholders through increased benefits from tourism and other business enterprise development ventures that are sustainable in the long term.  The assignment is intended to help communities around VNP to improve their livelihood through business enterprise development linked to the tourism potential of VNP. The Business plan should position business development as a significant poverty reduction strategy around VNP.

The Assignment/scope of work

  • Undertake a situational analysis that involves review and analysis of base documentations, so as, to establish a working understanding of the communities around VNP and their immediate environs in terms of the macro and micro environment and the existing tourism status. Specific activities here include a contextual analysis at the policy, environmental and conservation levels; and a thorough audit of the community development enterprises including tourism resources, products and infrastructure by evaluating the tourism attractions and products and rapid environmental audits of existing and planned facilities at the proposed sites. It is expected that the consultant will as much as possible come up with unique, viable community business development enterprises to be developed.
  • Undertake tourism market analysis of present and future international and domestic tourist market and market segments of the tourist market around VNP. Specific activities include collecting and evaluating the national, regional and international tourism size and trends; surveying and evaluating information obtained from tour operators about client perceptions, profiles, needs and demands, determining the type and extent of domestic tourism (existing and potential); and establishing profiles of segments of tourist markets to be targeted, and preparing projections of visitor flows to the community enterprise centre.
  • An examination of environmental, historical, economic, social, political, natural resource and land use factors that may have an impact on the potential development of the community enterprise centre and recommendations on mitigation/enhancement measures.
  • Identify and articulate strategies and mechanisms to consolidate viable partnerships for tourism development, management system and benefit sharing between RDB, respective Local Governments, the private sector and the local community. Uniqueness of strategies and mechanisms will be much encouraged.
  • Put together information specific and relevant to business centre development and to engage in knowledge or information development. This will include a recommendation on continued support to raising awareness and promoting a business centre as a strategic tool for rural livelihood improvement and diversifying tourism activity options around Volcanoes National Park
  • Need to address the actual business. Advise on mode of operation and how it will work. For instance, will it be a community-private sector partnership? How will it work? What will be the benefit sharing mechanisms? What will be the role of the community and the private sector partner
  • Clarify the role and responsibilities of stakeholders involved in the implementation of the business (RDB/VNP, local government, private sector, local community etc).
  • Sustainability of the investment needs to be clearly articulated in the business plan (also talk about competition and the marketing strategies envisaged)


The following are the expected outputs of the assignment;

  1. A situation analysis report highlighting the detailed information on the context and development of the community commercial centre as detailed in the scope of work
  2. A Business Plan document for the proposed community commercial centre.

a.    Checklist of activities to be undertaken

b.    A work schedule for implementing agreed activities including specification of the staging of development of identified enterprises taking into consideration the need for integrated development of tourism.

c.    Recommendations to minimize on potential conflicts between various stakeholders in the venture.

d.    Planning and management guidelines for environmental management, enterprise management, private sector and community involvement

e.    Recommendations on actions to address the business centre development needs.

f.     Address specific matters relating to the partnership arrangements that will enhance the agreements between RDB / VNP, Musanze local Authorities and local communities hereto to be signed. Identify and elucidate the strategies and mechanisms that will come up with the best viable partnership arrangements that stand to benefit conservation, community development and perhaps private sector where applicable.

Work approach

  • Draft, collate the findings of the field discussions, survey preparation phase and the consultant’s suggestions into a draft Business development plan.
  • Report writing
  • Distribution for comments
  • Focused group (community consultations)
  • Presentations to select stakeholders e.g. RDB/VNP, Musanze Local Authorities, community representatives, locals and international NGO supporting community tourism development around the Park. (1 day workshop with stakeholders)

Expertise required

The consultancy team will consist of at least 2 members; one of who will be designated Team Leader, and social scientist and business analyst. The team skills will cover the following disciplines:

  • Tourism Business development planning and management
  • Community and local level wildlife and arts enterprise development
  • Environmental management and policy guidelines/ regulations for business centre development
  • Investment Mobilization for tourism development
  • Rural development
  • Public- Private sector partnership knowledge
  • Local Government interface with private sector and community relations


The consultancy team will report to the GVTES but will be working hand in hand with RDB,PAB/GEF PNUD, EEEGL program of CARE International ,and Musanze District for fieldwork and consultations with relevant stakeholders.  


This assignment will be conducted over 30 days for ground and field consultations and the final output must be completed within one month from the publication of this advert.

The Consultant’s proposal:

The consultant’s will be expected to submit to GVTES a proposal that must include the following items:

  1. Methods to be used
  2. Work plan
  3. Technical and financial proposals
  4. Examples of similar work successfully done in the past
  5. CVs of the consultants, at least one of whom is a Rwandan national

Submission Date

All Technical and financial proposals should be submitted to GVTES Offices in Kigali by 16:00 on 20th February 2011.

Please mark envelops as BID-Business plan Development for KCCC / Rwanda. 

Contact person: Pierre Ruhumuliza

Tel : 252 580429 and +250-788-573-965


Address:  Greater Virunga Transboundary Collaboration Executive Secretary , Building Aurore – Union Europeenne , Av. Umuganda Kacyiru, Gasabo Kigali.

P.O. Box 6626 Kigali-Rwanda.


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