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06.02.2017 18:33 Category: MINALOC News


6 January 2017

The Minister of Local Government Hon. KABONEKA Francis warned AERG students against spoiling the dignity that their country has acquired through hardships and sacrifice of Rwandans that yielded success to all Rwandans and the World.

The remarks were made on Saturday during the public talk on the culture of patriotism and then the official closing of a one week long National Itorero for Intagamburuzwa III which has been taking placing in Huye District since January the 24th, 2017 and attended by students from Genocide Survivors Students’ Association.

Minister Kaboneka expressed gratitude to FARG for organizing Itorero in such a historic area where history has completely changed. He said; “Butare was a special instigating area of hatred as people were intoxicated through different hate speeches by the then authorities that targeted their individual interest instead of national interest”.

Minister Kaboneka said: “Today we are happy that we use the same place to impart patriotism and democracy. We have witnessed the results from culture of patriotism. Since patriotism started to be trained to Rwandan people, Rwanda has emerged with dignity across the world. So don’t misuse the opportunity that your country exposes to you.”

“Never betray the dignity that our country has acquired today. It’s the success that yielded from hardships, struggle, and sacrifice of Rwandan people who sacrificed themselves to liberate this country. There are also people who are still ready to prevent our country from collapse,” he emphasized.

The attendants were tasked to fight against negative mentality, to love people of Rwanda (country) not for personal interest but national, to fight negative tendencies from within themselves, and to use discipline, thinking big, unity and accountability to achieve success wherever they are.

National Itorero activity for Intagamburuzwa III was attended by 386 Genocide Survivor Students from across the country and trained on different topics including but not limited to patriotism, do’s and don’ts of the Rwandan culture, government programs, country’s vision, and history among others.