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07.02.2017 00:00 Category: MINALOC News


07 February 2017

President Paul Kagame met, today, with all local leaders in Gasabo District in a district coordination committee meeting, and he urged them to be responsible and to buy local products for self-reliance and to increase productivity.

President Kagame told participants that; whatever happens to the country is a result of either actions or omission by leaders, with a lesser responsibility of ordinary citizens.

The President of The Republic questioned the reason behind “omissions”. He said, “Such an important meeting should what is not well done and, above all, discuss what should be done but that is not done”.

The President urged all leaders, especially local leaders, to shun corruption. “Not being corrupt is one thing and it is not enough. People should expose those who are corrupt for the country to develop and for the security to be sustainable”, he insisted.

President Kagame said that; Rwanda does not need excellent performance in corruption to become a super power. “It is better for us to fight corruption than earning higher marks by being a corrupt country”, He added.

President Kagame insisted on key elements that would drive our prosperity namely; security (both human and general security), agriculture, and productivity of local industries.

“With a combination of all those factors, Rwandans shall be self-reliant and our country can prosper”, President Kagame said. According to the President, we need first to feed satisfactorily our local market before we consider external markets.

The President urged all leaders to be responsible. “Responsibility is the sense of urgency, sense of what needs to be done. Proper management of public resources especially those meant for the poor and vulnerable people are key to responsibility”, he said.

Discussing the issue of promoting “Made In Rwanda”, President Kagame urged all Rwandans to buy locally made products for the prosperity of the country and local industries and he said that; he shall deal seriously with procurement methods that are hindering the success of “Buy Made In Rwanda” policy.

“Rwanda can produce high quality products, and Rwandans should be proud of what they make themselves”, President Kagame said.