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14.02.2017 00:00 Category: MINALOC News


President Kagame greeting cheerful residents in Matimba sectr (Photo: Urugwiro Village)

14 February 2017

During his visit to Nyagatare District, yesterday, President Kagame urged residents to uphold security and to work hard for sustainable development. He pledged high support from Government and He appealed to the citizens to hold their leaders accountable.

President Kagame held two meetings with cheerful citizens at the Matimba and Mbale (Karangazi Sector) sites.

The first stop of his tour was at the Kagitumba One Stop Border Post (OSBP), a facility created to facilitate business between Uganda and Rwanda by considerably reducing clearing time of the goods that go through the border as well as to promote free movement of people between the two countries by expediting service delivery.

After the visit to the border, President Kagame proceeded to meet with the residents in Matimba Sector.

In his address, President Kagame called them to uphold security and to work hard for sustainable development.

“Concerning security, I appeal to everyone to ensure security for his fellow and together we ensure national security”, President Kagame said. “We should not allow anyone to disturb or to undermine the security acquired for all Rwandans”, He added.

President Kagame also urged citizens to keep holding their leaders accountable in regards to how they deliver to their mandate or manage public funds: “You should not be afraid to hold public officials accountable and speak out when they are not serving citizens. Public officials have no right to use public resources as their own", He insisted.

In regards to the Government's efforts to fasten the electrification process in the district, he said: "Our goal is to provide electricity to every citizen of our country. It is your right to demand it from us."

Much as President Kagame promised to the residents of Nyagatare, he also appealed to them to take advantage of the opportunities given to them and to not misuse them. He said; “The Government shall bring infrastructure closer to you, but you are required to take them as an opportunity for your prosperity and satisfaction”.

President Kagame continued his tour of Nyagatare, meeting the residents of Karangazi at Mbale site. Interacting with the population, President Kagame urged them to work hard in order to eradicate poverty in their region: "We were not created to remain poor. Poverty is not our preferred friend which should remain with us. We may have a history of poverty but we must work to leave it in the past.”

For the last leg of his tour of the district, President Kagame visited EPIC hotel, a facility currently being developed by local investors to boost tourism in the region as well as the  East African Granite Industries Ltd (EAGI), a granite-processing factory  established in 2012.