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22.03.2017 00:00 Category: MINALOC News


 22 March 2017

The Minister of State in charge of Socio-economic Development in the Ministry of Local Government, Hon. MUNYESHYAKA Vincent has urged residents of Mageragere sector to play their role in district planning for sustainable development.

He made the remarks during the citizens’ complaints session yesterday at Nyagafunzo Cell, Mageragere Sector in Nyarugenge District.

Hon. Munyeshyaka joined the local leaders of Nyarugenge District to receive and solve the citizens’ complaints session scheduled every Wednesday of the week.

He said the citizens’ complaints session is very beneficial for the residents and leaders as they sit together with the purpose of highlighting the problems within community and society in general and discuss solutions to them.

Munyeshyaka observed that; Mageragere is the largest sector in Nyarugenge district. He, thus, urged its residents to play an active role in district planning to ensure that; their needs are catered for and included in district Imihigo and plans.

He said: “As Mageragere is covering 53% of the whole District, I would like to request the Local Leaders to facilitate this percentage to show up by playing proportional role in district planning, district budget and activities. The sector has different opportunities and potentialities, including such a big land for the extension of town, infrastructure development and population as manpower.

The local leaders were encouraged to initiate development projects for the welfare of the residents they lead.

Hon Munyeshyaka said that; peace and security are critical pillars within Rwandan society in pursuit of desired development. Meanwhile the achieved development cannot last longer if community and families live in conflicts and endless complaints. He called upon the residents to play the role in sustaining security, hygiene and work hard for themselves.

Together with the local leaders, the Minister of State solved some of the complaints raised while others were directed to different organs for follow up. Major complaints raised included lack of sufficient clean water, transport means, and disorganized construction. They shall all be considered in the next fiscal years.