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26.03.2017 00:00 Category: MINALOC News


March 25, 2017

The Minister of State in charge of Social Affairs in the Ministry of Local Government, Dr. Mukabaramba Alvera, joined the local leaders of Ruhango District for a monthly Umuganda, and she urged the residents to participate in the forthcoming genocide commemoration activities.

The Umuganda consisted of weeding and clearing the streets, paving ground for house construction and moving genocide victims’ bodies to the new memorial site.

Umuganda was also attended by the Genocide Survivors Students who expressed gratitude to the people who risked their lives by harboring the Tutsi during the genocide. One cow was given as recognition to Mukarurinda Rose, 74, a woman who rescued many Tutsis including a three-month baby born that she raised and breastfed aftermath. Another cow was given to a genocide survivor as support to improve his life condition.

In her speech, Minister of State Dr. Mukabaramba called upon the public to participate in different activities that will be conducted during the mourning week.

Dr. Mukabaramba said: “Everyone can do a heroic deed; this woman who rescued Tutsis is a typical example to every one of us. I urge you to participate in memorial activities which will be taking place during this week such as dialogues on genocide, maintenance of genocide memorial site, and supporting needy genocide survivors.”

The residents of Kinazi and local leaders were reminded not to wait for the genocide commemoration period to carry out charity to the needy genocide survivors or to carry out memorial activity.