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29.03.2017 20:22 Category: MINALOC News


Sectors Executive Secretaries during the opening of their Itorero at Nkumba today

March 28, 2017

The Ministry of Local Government launched today a one-week National Itorero training for the Executive Secretaries of all Sectors across the country at Ubutore Development Center in Burera District.

The Opening ceremony was officiated by the Minister of State in Charge of Socio-Economic Development in the Ministry of Local Government, Hon. MUNYESHYAKA Vincent who, in his remarks, said that it was organized with the aim of empowering local leaders to become transformational towards achieving desired development goals.

He said: “You all know that District, Sectors and Cells are generally key entities implementing different programs such as developmental, social, economic, governance and service to the people among others; thus the Ministry of Local Government is always ready and will continue, as it did, to empower you as local leaders so that you may continue to serve our nationals and country at large.”

“Itorero is one way to equip you with required capacities. We have restructured the local government in terms of roles and functions, responsibilities. There are now more than twelve members of staff at sector level and two at cell level who, all of them, make great potential for you to better serve our people. We shall continuously support and build capacities in local government as a national priority,” he added.

The Minister of State reiterated that, this shall be the time to carry out a self-assessment within their everyday mission and responsibilities; time to measure if their achievements are appropriate, if they act like transformational leaders who think big.

This Itorero is attended by 416 Executive Secretaries and 30 Directors of Good Governance at the District level.