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09.12.2017 00:00 Category: MINALOC News


rehabilitated children standing with their parents

On Friday 66 former street children were reunited with their parents and families after undergoing consoling and counselling at Gitagata Rehabilitation Centre in Bugesera District.

The reunion event brought together parents and different officials including Dr Alvera Mukabaramba, the State Minister for Social Affairs and Protection, and vice mayors for social affairs who showed up to support the families who conceded to retake parental responsibility over reintegrated children.

The agreement was signed between parents, children, National Rehabilitation Service and Districts; reintegrated children agreed not to leave their families again, parents signed to assume their responsibilities over their children while districts committed to support and follow up the families and those who are struggling with difficulties which may inflame delinquency.

Dr. Mukabaramba expressed gratitude to the parents and family members who accepted to take their children back home, a better and safe place for every rwandan children.

She said: “It better for us to see children being raised in families than rehab center. Rehabilitation is an alternative choice. Only Rwandan government cannot solve delinquency problem; we need support from parents, community members, civil society, religious organisations, and private sector operators among others.

Dr. Mukabaramba: Some parents are becoming careless as far parental responsibilities are concerned. This irresponsibility is depriving some rights from children; right to education, to medical treatment, to playing, happiness, food, clothes among other rights that enable a child to live good life.

Gitagata Rehabilitation Center is designated to rehabilitate minors and expected to be expanded and renovated for better coverage which will then include rehabilitation for the female juveniles.

The Director General of National Rehabilitation Service Aime Bosenibamwe reminded the parents that the long-lasting solutions for delinquency is to completely eradicate the causes which include mostly domestic conflicts, poverty…