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22.12.2017 20:20 Category: MINALOC News


DASSO Members during security meeting

On Wednesday, 21st December 2017, the Minister of Local Government reminded the DASSO Coordinators that the public interest is the only thing that matters in terms of protecting and ensuring the security in Rwandan society.

The recall was made during security meeting that was held in Kigali bringing together DASSO Coordinators and their Deputies and Rwanda National Police as they discuss the security issues and collaboration between both organs in enforcing security at local government level.

IGP Gasana Emmanuel appreciated the level of professionalism of DASSO personnel in their day-to-day performance delivery ever since the organ was established three years ago and recommended for its continuity and strengthening.

He said:  “We need continued collaboration in preventing and fighting crimes committed mostly through enemy infiltrations, drug abuse, bribery, gender based violence, injustice, destruction of property, settlement, drunkardness, human security issues, communication and reporting”.

The Inspector General of Police Gasana Emmanuel pledged to offer a double-cabin car for operation to any DASSO Coordinator who will excellently perform his or her duty in the District.

Minister Kaboneka recognized and welcomed the efforts and contribution of DASSO members in ensuring security for the people and their property but recommended improvement for excellent performance. He requested them to tighten the security in this festive season period to ensure Rwandans celebrate without any incident.

DASSO Coordinators were reminded to strive and always remember that they are not serving individual interests but Rwandans. Every DASSO personnel should focus at the attainment of the general public interest.

Minister Kaboneka warned: “We will not tolerate any DASSO members involved in corruption, negative solidarity, indiscipline, divisionism and injustice cases against the interests of citizens. I will strictly follow up your performance on day-to-day basis. Always know that you are not serving any individual neither your personal interests but the Country”.

“Your better performance needs patriotism, integrity, teamwork, organization, coordination, respect and division of labor among yourselves so to better serve the people of Rwanda.” He added.

District Administration Security Support Organ has been working for three years and was established by the law to support local government entities in matters of security.