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04.11.2018 21:49 Category: MINALOC News


Minister Shyaka addressing the participants of the retreat

Today the Minister of Local Government Prof. SHYAKA Anastase request the leadership of Southern Province to highly perform with high expectations as the province exposes various opportunities and potentials.

The request was made during his closing remarks at one-day retreat that brought together the leadership of the province, staff and District Council President, Mayors & Vice Mayors, Executive Secretary and Division Managers with the purpose discussing and sharing the Southern Province Strategic Focus, Service Delivery Improvement and Reassessing the performance contracts implementation (Imihigo 2018-2019) of the Southern districts.

The Minister of Local Government Prof. SHYAKA told the participants that: “The leadership of the country expects high performance from Southern Province. The province has powerful enablers for success: various opportunities and potentials, hardworking citizens. You also have our complete support.”

The Minister also said that the Southern Province should be associated with teamwork, knowledge-based transformation instead of lies, conflicts, corruption, illicit networks among the leaders, among others.

Minister Shyaka: “The transformation of the Southern Province is not negotiable; it has to happen by all means. It’s now time to rebrand the province and the success will be enabled by citizen-focused transformation and precision.”

The Minister of Local Government also requested the District Advisory Councils to actively intervene and participate in the implementation of the district agenda to support the executive committee to fulfill the mandate. He reiterated on councilors’ role in strengthening citizens’ participation in matters that concern them and providing feedback to citizens.