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12.04.2019 20:47 Category: MINALOC News

Kigali: Former staff of MINIFOP, MINITRASO & MININTER honored

Government Officials honoring the victims at Genocide Monument

Today the leadership and staff of the Ministry of Local Government, Ministry of Public Service and Labour; and Direction General of migration honored the victims of the genocide who were part of staff members of former MINIFOP, MINITRASO and MININTER.

Currently 7 staff members of MININTER (Ministère de l’Intérieur) 8 staff members of MINIFOP (Ministère de la Fonction Publique) and 11 staff members of MINITRASO (Ministère du Travail et des Affaires Sociales) are honored today.

The victims of the Genocide Against Tutsi – who are honored today, served in the same building that is currently occupied by MINALOC, MIFOTRA and DG Migration.